01 Corpus/Caput

Generative Adversarial Network, Runway ML

Corpus/Caput is the output of a model trained on the entire Slater Birds Wing database, dating back to the 50s. The images are fed into a GAN, which then attempts to generate new wings, creating new and never-seen forms and species.

02 Strato

MobileNet Classification Model

Strato is a collaborative experience powered by machine learning. As clouds pass by, the MobileNet image classification model attempts to distinguish objects in the sky. Viewers are invited to either validate or disseminate the model’s classifications.

03 Porto

Plywood, modular components

When using a digital product, users have often made a series of selections that influence their experiences, such as accessibility controls, or even simply what type of device or platform they are accessing the experience on. When meeting a pre-built installation, much of that has been already decided for the user.

Porto seeks to create a prototyping environment for creators of interactive exhibits that allows them to adjust to users needs far more responsively. Additionally, the entire build costs under $100, allowing for cheaper, more adjustable installations in alternative spaces.

04 Phloem

Wildflowers, Arduino

Phloem references the synthesizer and reimagines it using capacative inputs. In using electromagnetic impulses between plants and humans to synthesize sounds, the concept of co-creation is reframed. As the plants can only be used for so long before decaying, creating a living, temporal instrument.